Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Price of Sin

As the eyes closed in oblivion,
The door of the Garden of Eden opened.
It meant to become kids again –
Playing, wondering and exploring limits.
No inhibitions, no stop signs, no thinking,
Only the need to obtain fulfillment.
Heavy petting painted the air
With the colors of the rainbow.
As the clothes frantically came off,
The mind was freed to explore.
Hands could feel the very soul
Aching with the desire to explode.

The bottomless pit of fulfillment
Was not reachable within human means.
The heart grew wrestles
And lust became an overwhelming addiction.

The Serpent, the uncanniest of all animals,
Empowered seduction.
Knowledge and skills of ancient times
Dazzled and excited the mind.
Suddenly the Garden of Eden bloomed
With every imaginable flower and fruit.
The angels filled the air with their melody
“If you eat the fruit, you shall die”.
Adam and Eve awoke only to fail miserably
By repeating their sin.
The Serpent bit the human flesh
With its perfidious and lethal discharge.
Genesis had come alive again
As the battle between Good and Evil continued.

from Joseph Mangraviti's Hooked on You (poem book)

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